Do you provide props?

Yes! We use some of the highest quality props on the market.  Have a theme? We can customize props based on your specific event.  

Does the cost include setup and tear down?


Of course! All of our hourly packages include the setup and tear down before and after the rental time. 

Do you provide prints of the photos?

You bet! We use one of the highest quality professional printers on the market to deliver great looking, customized photo strips. A Digital SLR cameras ensures great looking shots. 

Can I get my photos digitally?

Absolutely.  This is included with the Signature Package, and an add-on with the Essential package.  All of the photos from your event will be stored online for your convenience. 

Will there be an attendant?

Only the finest! We have knowledgeable, experienced, and reliable attendants to keep things flowing at your event.  

Can you provide a backdrop?

Sure thing. If your space allows, we can provide a backdrop at an additional cost.  We can also provide a green screen background, so that we can create a completely unique experience for your event.  

Are there any special requirements?

A few. Due to the nature of the photo mirror, we aren't able to place it in areas that don't have wheel-in access.  We also need a 6'x10' minimum footprint to set up the mirror with the red carpet and velvet ropes.  In addition, we'll need a minimum of 45 minutes to set up, so that we can adjust camera and lighting settings to your particular venue.  (We're perfectionists!)

Do you travel?

Affirmative! There is no additional travel charge for any event within 35 miles of Kansas City.  A custom quote can be given for any events beyond this radius.  

How does the photo mirror work?

An equal mixture of pixie dust and proprietary alien technology.  Seriously. We can't tell you. But it is unbelievably fun!

Are you the only Photo Mirror in Kansas City?

No. Other companies have come on the scene. We invite you to check out the differences for yourself! Ours is the original (and industry leading) Mirror Me Photo Mirror system. We use high-grade props, the best printers in the industry, and high-end SLR digital cameras. Often imitated, but hardly duplicated, the Clique is the standard for photo mirrors in the Midwest!

Is the camera quality really important? The pictures that print are pretty small.

It's true that most companies set their camera resolution super low to save on storage. After all, the pictures that print are pretty small. But The Clique sets our resolution much higher, because we also send you the digital copies after your event. This allows you to print them off at much larger sizes if you wish, with great resolution! This is just one of the many areas where we don't skimp on quality, so that you can have the best service possible.